Chalet de l\'isère

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Welcome to the Chalet de l'Isère !

« I rented in Cannes a delightful chalet, sheltered from all winds, facing south … »

« This sunny chalet is so beautiful with a delightful garden […] Here I can find the almost absolute comfortable.
Guy de Maupassant

« Dear Guy, let’s make our guests live this experience!  »
Elisabetta Rovagna, owner and manager of the Chalet de L’Isère.

Guy de Maupassant and Elisabetta welcome you in the delightful dwelling that was one of the residences of the poet. Elisabetta, charmed by this place from the very first moment she arrived here 20 years ago, has never stopped to take care of it with love and passion. Her philosophy was adapting the house to a personal idea of hotel, domestic, sweet and intimate, leaving the mark of the famous predecessor.

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Let's prepare your stay...

Let's take the time to know and serve you better and serve you better. Answering a few questions, we will be able to advise you and help you prepare your journey with us...

Let's prepare your journey

Highlighted rooms

The eight rooms represent the declinations of the universe of Guy de Maupassant, poet and man of letters.

Room "La Bibliothèque"

Comfort, sea view and culture.

Guy de Maupassant's Room

Maupassant's historic bedroom.

Sailors' Room

The Bel-Ami crew's Bedroom

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