L'Hôtel de Charme et de Lettres à Cannes

1842 - Chalet de l'Isère

The Chalet de l'Isère was built in 1842.

Why is this building called Chalet de l'Isère?

First of all, the word chalet refers to a mountain habitat whose main building materials are stones and wood in which the cowherds stay during grazing. The word chalet appeared in literature with Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1761 and is part of a romantic conception of housing. Indeed, British people who like to spend time in the mountains, attach themselves to the chalet by associating a simple way of life close to nature.

From this imagination was born an architectural trend, first British and then on the French Riviera, consisting in building residences in the form of mountain chalets in the City.

Charles Dickens received his friends in his Swiss Chalet cottage in Kent...

By searching the municipal archives and interviewing Cannes historians, we discovered that this fashion quickly spread to Cannes between 1840 and 1890, a city frequented by many British people.

The Chalet represented the modern form of housing because it responded to an ideal of a return to simple dwellings, allowing a direct connection to nature through the presence of an inner courtyard or garden. In the heart of Cannes, this fashion has seen the birth of many chalets:

The Chalet Ligne built between 1875 and 1880
The Minister's Cottage dating from 1858
The Chalet de la Fourcade (now Palais Mire Juan) dating from 1869
Chalet Josephine built in 1872 (now destroyed)
The Chalet Aimable built in 1875
The Chalet de l'Isère built in 1842
Chalet de l'Isère is certainly the oldest Chalet still in existence in the City of Cannes.

Staying in this beautiful and charming hotel is an experience in itself: living the dream of the romantics of yesteryear in an ideal world combining modernity and urban convenience with the romantic pleasure of a mountain chalet. What could be more refreshing?

Portrait de Guy de Maupassant Hôtel à Cannes

Guy de Maupassant at the Chalet de l'Isère

On January 18, 1888 in Marseille, after having bought the cutter "Le Zingara" which was renamed the Bel-Ami, Guy de Maupassant and his crew set sail for Cannes.

They landed in Cannes on January 21 at 3am and settled at the Chalet de L'Isère with his faithful servant François Tassart. Guy de Maupassant spends a pleasant stay there and sometimes calls this place "Ma Chaufferette" or "Notre Chalet des Alpes" as a sign of affection for this residence which allows him to be isolated to manage his business or write.

You will find many quotes from Guy de Maupassant in his work or correspondence referring to this stay, Elisabetta will help you discover them.



Préparer son séjour à Cannes

A hotel with a mark of history, culture and poetry

When Maupassant rented it, the Chalet de l’Isère was a detached house, nowadays it is a nice hotel with eight rooms, with the sign of the spirit of the original environment that for 20 years Elisabetta Rovagna has tried to safeguard.

Struggled by customers who love France for its rich cultural tourism, the Chalet de l’Isère is often a «cannoise» location for the groups on literary journey.
The foreign guests love coming here to live a real French experience, to know France near the territory, giving importance to a simple but authentic lifestyle.

The French tourists find the sun of the Cote d’Azur and at the same time are surrounded by their history. The couples love the simple and genuine romanticism of this place.

As far as the members of congress and festival lovers is concerned, they appreciate the effect « Magic Bubble » seven minutes walking from the Palais des Festival.


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